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Features & Benefits

We take pride in our software, quickly helping you get the data you need to make fast, informed decisions.

Software Integration

More than a reporting software provider, we offer a complete improvement solution. Utilizing our deep domain knowledge, we can expertly and efficiently integrate our ZPI software suite into your manufacturing environment - guaranteeing the highest level of data accuracy possible. Our integration services include on-site commissioning to validate reported data, as well as remote integration from our office.

Additionally, our installations require no proprietary hardware and no PLC programming changes. The complete data collection system can be installed without any production interruption or downtime on any packaging or processing machine or system. This ensures that your facility will continue in full production without any interruptions or interference from our integration team.

Data Collection & Sharing

World-class reporting. Real-time information. Our proprietary software can provide visibility of manufacturing performance across the entire company in real time and on any device. Whether it be checking to see if your lines will meet the daily production requirements via your desktop, identifying the cause of poor machine performance, or simply receiving a warning of a specific machine's downtime cause directly on your smart phone, our data collection and analysis tools can quickly help you streamline your manufacturing systems to best in class status. Our tools provide industry leading enterprise-wide monitoring and analytics to help you improve floor operations and OEE.

Improve uptime, quality, and speed with our enterprise manufacturing diagnostic suite, which exchanges data flawlessly across every system in the plant.

Line Optimization

We can perform a detailed line OEE study that examines present production items such as overall line integration efficiency, individual machine performance, buffering efficiencies, operations, and production scheduling. The main deliverable of all studies is a final report that summarizes our line analysis in addition to providing a detailed action list that identifies the estimated production gains for suggested improvements.

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    KPI Dashboards

    See it all with our HTML5-powered dashboard. Robust reporting capabilities allow your production teams to monitor specific data types with out-of-the-box reports, or to create fully-customized reports built with their own formulas. ZPI can display any data from across the entire production line so your teams are always on top of key performance results.

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    Cross-Device Flexibility

    ZPI dashboards and reports are viewable on a multitude of devices. Our responsive design allows 24/7 access to your data from anywhere in the world - on any device.

    And our HTML5 graphing engine allows reports to load universally--so whether you're Apple or Android, we've got you covered.

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    Our interfaces are designed for an HMI touchscreen environment, allowing for a seamless integration to daily operations on the plant floor. With multiple language packs available, ZPI can bring process improvements to your facilities across the globe.

  • Desktop Reporting & Interfaces

    ZPI's Operator Interface provides the full-picture granularity on production activity that allows you to make informed decisions; from selecting product for a current/future production run, to entering supplemental information for automated events. You can confidently manage it all with the Operator Interface.

    The Improvement Interface is the tool for all your data needs. Analyze data with day-one ready reports that you can group, trend and display to suit your needs - all viewable from your computer or mobile device. Historical trends and analyses are also available, empowering you to make decisions that are informed and efficient. Understand it all with the Improvement Interface.


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    Automated Reporting Schedules

    Flexible and automated scheduling allows for reports to be sent daily, weekly and monthly - at the end of a day or beginning of a shift. So you're always equipped with real time visibility into the performance of your line.

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